Who is Dr.Memory?

 Who is Dr. Memory?
           Or what perhaps?

Let me set the stage:

It's The Future Fair, "A fair for all and no fare for anybody!"  It's sort of like Disneyland except it's more Government inflicted holographic simulation.

Our hero, Clem, and Barney (who is a Bozo) visit one of the "rides" where they get to meet the President (who is a robot)!  Clem used to be a worker at the Fair and attempts to hack into the main program running the whole Fair, Dr. Memory, and winds up --

    Breaking The President (an MP3 audio file)

What happens to Clem?  To Dr. Memory?  To the Future Fair?  Want to see the whole Fair?  Be up against the Wall Of Science?  You'll need to buy I Think We're All Bozo's On This Bus by The Firesign Theater!   

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