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 www.firesigntheatre.com  the Official Home Page (open soon)

  Firezine -- the Official Official Digital Magazine of the Firesign Theater

There's a Seeker Born Every Minute!  Firesign page

Planet Proctor Archives  Phil Proctor's humor column

 Firesign Theater WAVE Page  down-loadable sound bites in .wav format

Doc Technical  website featuring the Firesign Theater Canonical IrReference section

Martian Space Party Diary

Radio Free Oz  Peter Bergman's comedy website

Loadstone Media  source of Firesign Video & Audio

Benways 'House of Firesign "The 'House of Firesign is here to drop a
                                              great load of knowledge.
                                       With the help of many (including the FST)
                                        this steaming heap is yours to explore.
                                       - even if you're from the hills, in Sector R!
                                        There's nearly 100 pages here (I've lost
                                       count) so pack your lunch and don't forget
                                                  the Anchovies!"

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